The 50 Best TV Shows of the Last 25 Years

There’s no question that episodic television has been producing better entertainment than the motion picture studios for more than two decades now. But a TV show viewing commitment can be 100 hours or more, so no one wants to waste their time (a good rule of thumb is to give [...]

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Happy Valentine’s Day: 100 Great Love Stories on Film

Our list of the 100 best love stories in English-language film is just that: stories about romantic love. This collection explores all the aspects of human desire, from the highs to the lows. The stories are filled with hope, jealousy, longing, ecstasy, joy, rejection, despair, lust and sacrifice, just to start. The heart wants what the heart wants and [...]

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A Tribute to the Films of Alan Rickman

British Actor Alan Rickman didn’t make it big in Hollywood until he was in his 40s. However, he was quite a talent and delivered a number of memorable cinematic performances (most of them supporting) throughout his career. Frankly, he always shined in his role, even when the movie didn’t deliver [...]

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Ten Best TV Dramas You Can Binge Watch

As a result of cable raising their standards (and Hollywood dropping theirs) television programming improved remarkably in this century. So, we divide all TV programs by those that started before 1999, and those after...what we would call “Binge TV.” What follows is our list of the ten best television shows that [...]

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100 Great Films for Teens, Ages 11-16

As a compliment to our list of films for kids ages 4 to 10, here are 100 great films for children ages 11 to 16 that feature children, teenagers or young adults. Judging films appropriate for teens is tricky. We have grouped them by the age when we think the film is both appropriate [...]

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Over 100 Great Films for Children Ages 4-10

As a service to our readers who are parents of young children, here are 121 films every child should see before their eleventh birthday. All of them have great stories and themes. Parents will know best when their child is ready for some of the more challenging films, such as Watership [...]

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The 50 Best War Movies of All Time

Lists are subjective. We state that at the outset. In honor of Veterans Day, here is out list of the 50 best films about war from the perspective of both the officers and the enlisted men. Our aim was to choose movies that focus specifically on soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen; [...]

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A Salute to Actor/Senator Fred Thompson

Sadly, it’s not possible to make a ten best list for Senator Fred Thompson, dead at 73. However, we can come up with four great movies he played in and, adding that to his eight years in the U.S. Senate, we’d say he had a pretty interesting and successful career. [...]

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Ten Best Dramas on TV: 2015 Edition

There’s an inverse relationship between the quality of major motion pictures over the last two decades (which is down), and the quality of television programming (which is up). Even though most of the TV shows that debuted in 2015 will be canceled shortly, there is still good quality programming available. [...]

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