MOVIE REVIEW: Deadpool (2016)

After a few fits and starts, Ryan Reynolds has found the comic book hero he was born to play. Deadpool is irreverent, dirty, funny, well-cast and enjoyable. It's one of the better Marvel movies and it doesn't hesitate to ridicule the superhero formula--which probably explains its popularity. This is also one [...]

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Paris Attacks: 90 Days Later

Ninety days later and have the French and Europeans faced up to the reality of Muslim terrorism and mass immigration? Clearly not, as we predicted. The French government has enshrined the State of Emergency in their Constitution, but there has been no move away from multiculturalism in the populace. In [...]

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Our First Trump Rally: Baton Rouge

10,000 Trump Supporters We attended Donald Trump's Rally at the Baton Rouge River Center on Thursday, February 11, 2016. The crowd of 10,000 was still filling in when he entered the arena 45 minutes after the scheduled start time. We have been to hundreds of political rallies in [...]

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Happy Valentine’s Day: 100 Great Love Stories on Film

Our list of the 100 best love stories in English-language film is just that: stories about romantic love. This collection explores all the aspects of human desire, from the highs to the lows. The stories are filled with hope, jealousy, longing, ecstasy, joy, rejection, despair, lust and sacrifice, just to start. The heart wants what the heart wants and [...]

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Election Update: Heading Into South Carolina

Donald Trump is the most important GOP candidate since Ronald Reagan. What he did by winning in New Hampshire yesterday is nothing short of earth-shattering. We outlined the 13 accomplishments of his campaign so far here, including how Trump has tamed the media. Last night Trump received nearly as many votes in [...]

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Election Update: Iowa Effects

Takeaways: Establishment voters are coalescing around Rubio as predicted. Still they don't add up to enough to make a majority in the primary. Expect him to get the biggest bounce. Trump struck just the right tone after coming in second in Iowa. The press (especially Fox News) will treat him as [...]

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Finest Hours (2016)

Seems like a faithful retelling of the greatest small boat rescue in U.S. Coast Guard history. Everyone involved with this film, has done their part and they've made an enjoyable and dramatic rescue story. Set during the early 1950s, the film is good, not great, mostly due to the limits [...]

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