Saturday, May 6, 2017 – Friday, May 12, 2017

TX Gov signs bill banning sanctuary cities w penalties
Marine Le Pen loses Pres election, secures 44% of youth vote
Medal of Honor awarded to Dr. Ty Michael Carter
Army Rangers kill ISIS head in Afghanistan
Nominates 10 outstanding lower court judges
EPA cleaning out Scientific Review Boards
Fires FBI Director James Comey
Senate confirms Heather Wilson as Air Force Sec
Manufacturing openings, hires rise to highest levels of the recovery
Welcomes Russian and Ukrainian FMs to WH
Federal government records $182.4 billion budget surplus
Deportation fears stop some illegals in LA area from using Food Stamps
EPA slams breaks on Obama pesticide rules
Signs EO Strengthening cyber-security of federal networks/critical infrastructure
Signs EO establishing Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity
Biggest ICE gang raid ever: 1,378 arrests, 21 murder charges, 3 ‘Dreamers’
AG Sessions ends Obama-era charging policy, tells FAs to follow the law

#Fakenews & Vile attacks

McCain blocks Army Sec nominee Mark Green
Fmr head of NEJM admits most medical studies are bogus
Cornell U offers POTUS Bashing Class
Bill Maher makes tasteless incest joke about Ivanka
Spray painted racial slurs in Chicago turn out to be hate crime hoax
CO teacher on leave after students smash POTUS pinata
False report that Eric Trump said Russia funds company
ACLU lawyers admits Travel Ban wouldn’t be challenged under HRC
Fmr NS advisor James Clapper admits under oath no Russia-Trump evidence
DC art prof says GOP members should be lined up and shot
MSM goes into Fakenews overdrive in wake of Comey firing
EdSec Devos booed at black college in FL
McCain hints at revenge for Comey firing
Black TX A&M prof says “some white people may have to die” to end racism
NeverTrump Jason Chaffetz asks for IG investigation of Comey firing
NeverTrump McCain and Sasse announce opposition to Trade Rep nominee
Noam Chomsky says GOP is more dangerous than ISIS, NKorea
Racist note at St. Olaf’s college in MN is hate crime hoax
ABC cancels highly rated Tim Allen sitcom
CNN and Time obsess over how much ice cream POTUS is served by WH
Lawyers reveal Trump biz Russian funding stories to be false
NC HS takes back yearbooks with student quotes of “Build the Wall”

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