Saturday, April 15, 2017 – Friday, April 21, 2017

China moving to crack down on N Korea in response to POTUS talks
AG Sessions hints at additional punishments for Sanctuary Cities
ICE arrests up 32%
Approval rating hits 50% (Rasmussen)
Budget proposal eliminates 4 NASA climate science missions
ESPN rating down due to SJWing; Massive layoffs coming
SCOTUS refuses appeal of fraudulent asylum seekers
EO signed to curb H1B visa abuse
Helped prevent DEMs from winning GA House race in Primary
Inaugural Cmt raised record $107M
Auburn PD enforces “No Mask” policy against Antifa
Signs bill allowing vets more flexibility in providers
Poll: Americans see DEMs as party of Global Warming and Abortion
SCOTUS liberals display anger (frustration?) during religious liberty case
Study claims $86B in regs eliminated so far
Commerce Sec opens sweeping trade investigation
Names Scott Brown Ambassador to New Zealand
Hosts Italian PM at WH

#Fakenews & Vile attacks

Multiple injuries, 21 arrests as Antifa attacks, is beaten back by Deplorable in Berkeley
One Antifa criminal brains a man with a bike lock. Turns out to be uni employee
McCain says ‘I hope’ President Trump has been sucked in by Washington establishment
Book reveals awful HRC treatment of campaign staff; Garbage MSM hadn’t reported
Koch bros are helping illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses
Press reports that many foreign Intel agencies helped Obama spy on Trump campaign
Student Destroys Pro-Life Display at WSU
Book reveals HRC sneaky email server activity began early than reported
Muslims kills three white men in Fresno
CA DA is undercharging criminal illegal aliens to help them avoid deportation
MSM reports first deportation of DREAMer. He’s not.
Murdochs fire POTUS friend Bill O’Reilly
MSNBC terrorism analyst nominates Trump property for ‘ISIS suicide bombing’
UC Berkeley blocks speech from POTUS friend Ann Coulter
Analysis of first 100 days shows TV Networks have been 89% Negative of POTUS
NYT claims lower Patriot turnout to WH event; later retracts
HuffPost publishes fake oped calling for white men to lose voting rights
Maryland women charged with hate crime in arson of Trump campaign sign

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