Saturday, April 1, 2017 – Friday, April 7, 2017

KT McFarland moving from NSC to Singapore Amb
Freedom Caucus under pressure to support HC bill
Chm Nunes (CA) reveals POTUS surveilled by Obama Adm for 1 year
Fmr NSA Susan Rice revealed as serial unmasker of POTUS staff/assoc
Kelloggs Boycott is working
Hosts Egyptian President at WH
WH releases official portrait of First Lady Melania Trump
Hosts Wounded Warriors at WH
AP admits POTUS methodically undoing Obama policies
Donates first quarter salary to NPS
Cracks down on H-1B Visa Program that feeds Silicon Valley
VA Sec backs leg to fire incompetent/corrupt employees
Condemns chemical attack in Syria
Speaks to National Conf of Building Trades unions
Docs prove Obama IRS illegally targeted conservative groups
Private sector added 263K jobs in March
Host Jordanian King Abdullah II
FLOTUS visits all girl charter school in DC w Jordanian Queen
Sprint has added 5K jobs since election day
Senate confirms Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS 54-45
Hosts Chinese President at Mara Lago
Hits Syrian airbase w 59 tomahawks in retaliation for use of WMD
Taps Kevin Hassett To Be Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers

#Fakenews & Vile attacks

MSM reported diplomats avoid eye contact with SecState Tillerson (false)
MSM/CNN begin advertiser blacklist campaign against Bill O’Reilly
Terrorism attack in St. Petersburg, Russi
MSM claimed Bannon removed from NSC (false)
Press reports POTUS supporters in CA living in fear of violence
Muslim refugees plead guilty to sex assault on 5 year old in ID
N. AZ college Pres under fire for refusing “Safe Spaces”
Nunes steps aside from Russia probe after baseless left-wing ethics filings
Google will post Politifact ratings next to news stories
Muslims drive truck through Stockholm market killing/injuring dozens

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