Saturday, March 25, 2017 – Friday, March 31, 2017

Pushes back against Freedom Caucus and Conservative Inc for opposing HC bill
Ted Poe (TX) leaves Freedom Caucus
Puts Kushner in charge of Gov Reform Office
Disneyworld to add POTUS to Hall of Presidents
Johnny Rotten defends POTUS
Blacklist against Breitbart is failing
AG Sessions announces Sanctuary Cities will be punished
Keeps canceling Obama-era regs
Ford announces big investment in 3 MI plants
Keystone Pipeline announces purchase of 200 miles of US Steel
Scottish Parliament backs independence vote
UK PM Theresa May triggers Article 50 Brexit process
Scraps Obama-era climate regs
FLOTUS hosts Women Empowerment Panel
53% of CA voters want Dems to work with POTUS
Gov. Christie to lead Opioid Commission
2017 PGA championship will be played at Trump National Golf Club in VA
Mexican State AG arrested on Drug Trafficking charges in US
Hosts PM of Denmark
Dep Chief of Staff Katie Walsh leaves WH after less than 3 months
Sen Manchin (D-WV) announces he will vote to confirm Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS
Senate votes to allow states to block Planned Parenthood funds after Pence breaks tie
AG Sessions expands program to deport imprisoned illegals
Manufacturer optimism highest in 20 years

#Fakenews & Vile attacks

Ted Koppel takes cheap shots against POTUS supporter Hannity
Routine Fakenewser 60 Minutes attacks Cernovich
Cyber Firm behind Russian Hacking claims retracts report
Drexel Professor: ‘I Tried Not to Vomit’ When Passenger Gave Up Seat to Soldier
Libs attack Pence over his marriage habits

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