Saturday, March 11, 2017 – Friday, March 17, 2017

AG Sessions asks remaining 46 Obama US Attorneys to resign
POTUS releases list of First 50 Days Accomplishments
Expresses interest in NASA returning to Moon
Individual Income Taxes Set Record Through February
Brexit bill pass UK Parliament
CEO optimism sees biggest increase since 2009
Ordered State Dept to cut UN funding by 50%
Sen confirms Seema Verma as Medicare/Medicaid Admin
Sen confirms Dan Coats as DNI Dir
Sen votes to allow Gen. McMaster to keep his rank in admin
Fed Hikes rate qtr point
Fed judge continues to clear way for Dakota Access Pipeline
Pays homage to Pres Andrew Jackson at TN home
HI judge blocks Travel Ban 2.0, appeal coming
80 fed progs to lose funding in budget including Arts, NPR, Climate Science
Asks Boeing VP Pat Shanahan to be Pentagon #2
100% committed to HC bill
Illegals canceling food stamps
Calls fiancé of woman killed by illegal alien in LA
NYT admits small biz confidence up
KAC husband George Conway to head DOJ Civil Div
Hosts German ldr Angela Merkel at WH
Tells Merkel NATO nations must pay fair share
On wiretapping says to Merkel “we have something in common”

#Fakenews & Vile attacks

Schumer threatens gov shutdown over border wall
McCain says Rand Paul working for Putin
McDonald’s tweets anti-POTUS msg then deletes
Conservative Inc trying to defeat HC bill
WH fence jumper wanders for 15 mins before capture
Donna Brazile finally admits she gave HRC debate questions

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