Saturday, March 4, 2017 – Friday, March 10, 2017

Claims Obama had wires at Trump Tower tapped neutralizing Russia connections stories
Issues new EO on Visa Ban, voids first one
FBI admits 300 refugees being probed as possible terrorists
Exxon announces $20 billion Gulf Coast investment, 45K construction/manufacturing jobs
House moves forward with new health care plan
Greeted with thunderous applause by tourists at newly restarted WH tours
ComSec Ross: $1.19 billion penalty for Chinese Co’s export violations to Iran/NKorea
Announces private sector created 298k jobs in January
Despite vile attacks, Ivanka brand sales surge
Names Richard Grenell ambassador to NATO
Border Patrol says from Jan-Feb, illegal border crossings at s. border dropped 40%
Samsung announces manufacturing expansion in the US
Senior Staff at EPA begin to flee
DHS announces it will start accepting designs for 30-foot-high border wall next week
U.S. Consumer Comfort reaches highest level in a decade
ComSec Ross announces US to launch NAFTA renegotiation process in the coming weeks
House panel passes school voucher bill for DC kids
Expected to pick Scott Gottlieb to head FDA
DHS moves immigration judges to detention centers on rotating shifts from 6am-6pm

#Fakenews & Vile attacks

Trump supporters violently attacked at Berkeley again, this time “stick man” fights back
Vandalism at Jewish cemeteries due to age, not vandals, another MSM hate crime hoax
Former AG Loretta Lynch alludes to blood and death on streets
HBO will produce movie about 2016 election, from same people who did Palin hit piece
4 MI HS students suspended after counter-protesting an anti-POTUS rally

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