Saturday, February 25, 2017 Friday, March 3, 2017

Tom Perez elected DNC Chair, defeating Congressman Keith Ellison
Signs EO to establish task forces to scrap job-killing regulations on American biz
Suggests organizing largest rally of his supporters to date
Announces not attending White House Correspondence Dinner
DHS strips funding for illegal aliens, reallocates money to victims of their crimes
DHS says illegals who have been here for Calls for $54 billion increase in defense budget
DOJ drops opposition to stricter Voter ID laws in Texas
VA Sec calls for rules changes to allow vets to access private care
OH AG discovers illegal voters
Wilbur Ross confirmed as Commerce Sec
POTUS meets with presidents of historically black colleges
NBC poll shows GOP viewed more favorably than Dems
Illegal immigration dropped 27% in January
Illegal parents rush to get passports for their anchor baby children
DOJ reverses Obama aggressive action against police departments
Signs EO correctly interpreting the law for EPA on “navigable waterways”
Signs EO encouraging women in science
Calls for 37% cut in State Department budget
Dow breaks 21,000
Since 11/17/16: 23 Companies announced 307,200+ jobs; $110.7 billion in investments
Ryan Zinke confirmed as Interior Sec
Consumer confidence at 15 year high
Gives universally praised speech to Congress, longest standing O for SEAL widow
House Dems paid $4 million to Pakistani IT employees arrested by feds
Illegals holding protest in MS is arrested by ICE
Dr. Ben Carson confirmed as HUD Sec
Orders EPA To ‘Zero Out’ Global Warming Programs
Rick Perry confirmed as Energy Sec
Interior Dept welcomes back hunters, shooters, anglers onto fed land
Reports suggests illegals are afraid to show up at welfare offices
Visits pre-commissioned USS Gerald Ford aircraft carrier
Schwarzenegger version of Apprentice canceled due to poor ratings
Nissan CEO says they will adjust to POTUS trade changes


#Fakenews & Vile attacks

Black VA waitress faked racist note on receipt, used it to raise $4k+ in donations
Report says NBC Today staff/Matt Lauer released Access Hollywood tape to derail POTUS
False reports that POTUS attended diplomat’s party at his hotel
NYT make sup false quote from POTUS speech at CPAC
Kasich calls fro GOP to align with Dems against POTUS
Leaked audio shows anti-POTUS town hall disruptions were manufactured
Anti-POTUS mob viciously attacks man outside OH bar
There have been over 100 Hate Crime Hoaxes in the past decade
Minnesota HS Hate Crime graffiti revealed to be hoax
Reports show Obama officials spent their final days pushing the Russia story
MSM/#NeverTrump push false story of Sessions lying under oath about Russia mtgs
AA Dem congressman suggests KAC looks “familiar” on her knees to little outrage
Jewish center bomb threats revealed to be from AA Dem disgraced reporter
Students at Vermont univ violently attack speaker Charles Murray, injure professor



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