Saturday, February 11, 2017

Spends day golfing, doing diplomacy with Japanese PM
TN lawmakers drop bill to protect Free Speech on Campuses post-Milo
Allows largest sale of drilling rights in 4 years on BLM land in WY
Issues strong anti-NK statement with Japanese PM after missile launch


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Stephen Miller kills it on the Sunday news shows
Flooding in CA prompts governor Mooonbeam to ask for POTUS/Feds help
Singer Joy Villa bravely wears pro-trump dress at Grammys

#Fakenews & Vile attacks

Video released of Trump supporter attacked while police watch in Berkeley
Intel Community illegally releases classified (illegal?) phone recording of NSA Dir Flynn


Monday, February 13, 2017

Welcomes Canadian PM to WH
Meets with CEOs and Women Entrepreneurs
POTUS to nominate David Malpass as Treasury UnderSec
DHS announces raids netted 680 illegals
Fed Judge rejects appeal to Dakota Access Pipeline
US announces Kingpin Sanctions against Venezuelan VP for drug trafficking
Asks Flynn to resign
David Shulkin confirmed as SecVA
Steven Mnuchin confirmed as SecTreasury

#Fakenews & Vile attacks

NPR contractor assaults SecEd Devos while blocking her entry into schoolhouse
NYT reporter Jacob Bernstein called FLOTUS a “hooker” at the Grammys


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Signs first Bill, H.J. Res 41 kills Obama regulation that targeted mining and drilling industries
Conducts parent-teacher listening session w SecEd Devos
Poll shows majority of Hispanics back POTUS deportations, ending Sanctuary Cities
Linda McMahon confirmed as SBA Administrator

#Fakenews & Vile attacks

Bill Kristol tweets that he prefers deep state to democracy
NYT, Pelosi, Cummings repeat “Flynn” statement about “Scapegoat” that came from fake account


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Meets w Retails Industrial Leaders Association
SecDef Mattis tells NATO they need to increase defense spending or US will moderate commitment
DC police arrest third antifa terrorist in connection with #Deploraball plot
Andrew Pusder withdraws nomination for Labor Sec
Poll shows Geert Wilder leading in upcoming election in Netherlands
POTUS has called on ONLY conservative outlets in his last 3 joint press conferences
Steve Bannon, striding past reporters outside PressSec office: “The opposition party, all lined up!”
FOIA release shows Obama Admin knew Benghazi was terrorist attack immediately after
Welcomes Israel PM to WH. Netanyahu shames those calling POTUS “anti-Semitic”
Aetna CEO says Obamacare in death spiral
Calls on Venezuela to release political prisoner Leopoldo Lopez
Offers NSA job to Adm Harward
Tasks Stephen Feinberg (Cerberus Capital Management) to review intelligence agencies

#Fakenews & Vile attacks

WSJ reports that Intel community is keeping info from POTUS


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Holds epic Press Conference blasting press (calls CNN “Very Fake news”)
Stock Market hits new high
Announces new Visa Ban EO coming next week
Rasmussen poll has POTUS approval at 55%
Marine Le Pen is leading in upcoming French election by 5%
Adm Harward turns down NSA job because he can’t bring in NeverTrumpers
Nominates Alexander Acosta for Labor Secretary

#Fakenews & Vile attacks

MSM red pills 53 followers of Youtube star PewDiePie using same anti-Trump (Nazi smear) tactics


Friday, February 17, 2017

Rolls back Obama reg, saving 70k coal miner jobs
Scott Pruitt confirmed as EPA administrator
Appoints Michael Dubke WH Communications Dir
Travels to Boeing plant in SC to unveil 787 Dreamliner

#Fakenews & Vile attacks

AP claimed #POTUS planning to mobilize 100K National Guardsmen in 13 states to deport illegal aliens. TRUTH: Wasn’t policy, wasn’t considered by Trump, hadn’t made it to the WH, never mentioned “deportation,” and in fact didn’t even make it out of DHS.

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