MOVIE REVIEW: Deadpool (2016)

deadpool_ver10After a few fits and starts, Ryan Reynolds has found the comic book hero he was born to play.

Deadpool is irreverent, dirty, funny, well-cast and enjoyable. It’s one of the better Marvel movies and it doesn’t hesitate to ridicule the superhero formula–which probably explains its popularity. This is also one of the few hero/girlfriend romances that seems to work.

Sarcasm and cockiness are difficult attitudes to pull off for 100 minutes, but the movie is a well-crafted blend of action, plot and humor. Kudos to the director and editor for pacing and photography that delivers so many good punchlines that we’re sure we’ll find jokes we missed during our second viewing (at home of course).

RECOMMENDATION: This R-rated movie is not for children, but will certainly delight fans of comics or Marvel action movies.


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