Going Foward: Thoughts After the NV Caucus

DSC_0129At this point the outcome of the nomination process is pretty obvious. This result is so cataclysmic to the people who run and influence the Republican Party that it will take a few weeks for them to come to grips with it. Some will begrudgingly go along. Many will lie to themselves that they can find a way back to power with Trump.

Still others will not be able to move past their hostility towards the nominee. This group is the most important. Some will quietly seethe, pretend to support, and hope he loses the general election so they can say ‘I told you so’. The others will be openly opposed to Trump. These are the useful idiots and they will need to be cataloged and tracked throughout the campaign. Erik Erickson is first on the list. Glenn Beck is second. There will be others.

We are fully in Stage Two right now.

For Trump supporters it’s time to start preparing for Stage Three. The Liberal Commanding Heights (LCH) has only just begun to fight. The LCM is the trifecta of the MSM, Hollywood and Academia. What seemed like harsh criticism of Trump to us over the last six months is actually them at 3 on the 10 digit dial. They never thought he’d make it to the general election, and they certainly don’t currently think he can win the presidency. As it becomes clear that he can and will win, the dial will move to 11.

BQQAj4RLiberals are going to show you levels of Batshit Crazy that you have never imagined. Think of how badly the GOP Establishment has smeared and attacked Trump and remember that they are only the New Jersey Generals of politics. They are gentlemen for the most part. Trump supporters are about to face the Liberal Establishment that runs THE COUNTRY, not just a political party. Trump threatens EVERYTHING. They are not gentlemen. They believe the ends justify the means. They cannot imagine a scenario where they are not in control of the United States. The GOP may defeat them in elections, but it never really threatens their control. They are the HAL-9000. Trump is Dave.

Liberals are going to attack with EVERYTHING they’ve got, and they have a lot of tools: Films, TV shows, comedians, “science”, Hitler/Mussolini historians, news anchors, celebrities, opinion leaders, etc. You get the idea. The entire elite. All the Certified Smart People. They’ve never faced this threat before and therefore you’ve never seen what they are really capable of when their backs are against the wall.

trumps_america_mohawk_baby_2016_gop_021116_500x293We say all this to prepare you. However bad you thought they were, they are going to impress you, and not in a good way. You also need to be prepared to fight. Donald J. Trump will not be able to succeed without the help of millions. The LCH will have to be confronted and defeated. They are fighting from the high ground, meaning they have all the tactical advantages and the high-powered machinery at their disposal. Fighting them will be exhausting. Fatigue is not an option.

trump-vetTime to put your game face on. A lot of masks are going to drop over the next nine months. You’re going to learn a lot. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

We’ll leave you with something to make you smile: among the people Trump is likely considering for his running mate are Gov. Chris Christie, Gov. Rick Scott and Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. We’ll have more on this later.



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