Election Update: Heading Into South Carolina

Donald Trump is the most important GOP candidate since Ronald Reagan. What he did by winning in New Hampshire yesterday is nothing short of earth-shattering. We outlined the 13 accomplishments of his campaign so far here, including how Trump has tamed the media.

Last night Trump received nearly as many votes in NH as the next three candidates combined. The Revolution has begun. If you have an hour to be delighted, you can drink the tears of our media establishment elites here.

We predicted how all the candidate campaigns would play out in October. We also laid everything out for you in December, but some of it bears repeating:

“Trump must defeat both the libertarians, the Chamber of Commerce Republicans, and the conservatives who don’t see immigration as an existential threat. If he succeeds, some of the GOP opposition will line up, others will refuse…as he succeeds the Left will turn up the heat. The Main Stream Media, Hollywood and Academia will grow more shrill and apocalyptic.”

We cannot overstate this enough: Because he threatens everything the liberal establishment has come to expect as the status quo, they will lose their minds over the possibility of a Trump presidency. Expect to see the worst side of the American Left as we go forward. The Commanding Heights (MSM, Academia and Hollywood) are moving into Nitro-fueled fervor.

We hate to say it but due to this reality we continue to fear for his physical safety.

Some other thoughts:

–Because the Democrat Party nominating process is rigged, we still expect Hillary Clinton to be the nominee but we at least allow for the possibility of a Bernie Sanders win. However, as they see Trump solidifying the GOP nomination, we believe Democrats will be more risk adverse and support for Sanders will peak. This is one prediction we’d love to be wrong about.

–If you watch enough of Trump being interviewed you can notice two things he does brilliantly:

First, he clearly understands the conservative background to many of the issues he is asked about, but seems purposefully unwilling to use the correct “language” that is used by think tanks, pundits and GOP leaders. Trump prefers to speak in non-elite language and his opponents underestimate how much this helps him connect with voters.

Second, Trump has mastered the art of talking in circles when he doesn’t want to answer a media question, say on divisive social issues. Media types try to press but he is stubborn. In his own way, Trump is very disciplined.

–As President, Trump will have a great deal of leeway to strictly enforce our immigration laws. However, the job doesn’t entail condemning anyone’s property. This is why Trump gains from being tough on immigration but doesn’t suffer from attacks on his eminent domain position?

–Voters correctly perceive the presidency as a personnel management position. In fact, the President appoints roughly 10,000 people to lead the bureaucracy he oversees. This is why his resume, and non-politician status are assets rather than liabilities. We continue to hope that Trump will fill his cabinet with a Team of Rivals.

–The South Carolina Primary is famous for dirty tricks so buckle up. A Trump win in SC would probably end the nominating race so the Establishment GOP has a strong incentive to pull out every stop.



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