Thoughts on the 2016 FBN Debate

We haven’t written much on the presidential race recently because we predicted last year everything that is happening now and nothing has changed.

The debate tonight was lively but did not change the race in any way. No one said anything different from what they’ve been saying for months.

We told you on December 15th that the race is down to Trump and Cruz…and nothing has changed.

Since we last updated you, the GOP Establishment has come to realize that Trump will win…which we predicted.

The Trump hating from the Establishment GOP and the Democrats has increased…which we predicted.

Since we last updated you, the GOP Congress completely flipped the bird at the conservative voters who gave them majorities and ensured Trump’s nomination…all of which we predicted.

Donald Trump showed again tonight why he is the only candidate who can save the Republican Party from its stupid, worthless, selfish leaders and give conservatives a real chance to prevail in the fight for America.

The size of the crowd at his rallies is proof that Trump has tapped into the zeitgeist. As of today, we can’t see any other candidate winning the GOP nomination.

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