MOVIE REVIEW: The Finest Hours (2016)

The Finest Hours poster.jpgSeems like a faithful retelling of the greatest small boat rescue in U.S. Coast Guard history. Everyone involved with this film, has done their part and they’ve made an enjoyable and dramatic rescue story.

Set during the early 1950s, the film is good, not great, mostly due to the limits of the story. To their credit, the creators have taken few dramatic liberties even casting close look-alikes to the real people involved in this history.

Director Craig Gillespie and the special effects team deserve credit for action sequences involving giant waves that are very easy to follow.

SMALL GAFFE: We’re pretty sure you can see a modern car on the left during the opening street scene.

RECOMMENDATION: This is a feel-good movie suitable for the entire family on a night out. Probably better than most choices at the theater right now.

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