MOVIE REVIEW: Daddy’s Home (2015)

Daddy's Home poster.jpgThis comedy about mixed families, step-fatherhood and masculinity, is a study in contrasts. The film is both extremely funny and extremely awkward, and not in a Farrelly Brothers kind of way.

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are not exactly a good fit but in this case that works to the film’s advantage.

Audiences watch comedies to laugh. There are at least 10 very good laughs in this film and more good chuckles. However, there are at least that many cringe-worthy moments as well. There is real pain in families created by and for adults, with little concern for how those choices impact the children. It’s hard at times to see the humor in some of what Daddy’s Home portrays. However, if you can ignore that, you should enjoy it.

RECOMMENDATION: If you enjoy Ferrell movies, or you liked Wahlberg in Ted, you should enjoy this film. Watch it at home.

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