Donald J. Trump, Lion

We are now four days away from the first votes being cast in the 2016 election. The only story in this campaign is the rise of Donald J. Trump and it’s a YUUGE story. Trump is running an asymmetrical race that will permanently change politics in the United States of America. For conservatives, it’s worth reviewing the thirteen stunning accomplishments of the Trump campaign so far. Any one of these astounding achievements would have been impressive for a single politician. Trump has done them all:

1) Trump has Moved the Overton Window: Trump has repeatedly broached subjects the MSM believed it had made verboten and he’s been ruthlessly attacked for it. Here is just a small sampling of the withering abuse prominent people have heaped on him:

Sinister, Dumb, Bigot, Racist, Hateful, Disturbing, Operating at a Fourth-Grade Level, Hitler, like ISIS, Fascist, Xenophobic, Race Baiting, Religious Bigot, Un-American, Crazy, Delusional, Trying to F**k the Country, Scumbag, Divisive, Stupid, Wrong, Buffoon, Pathological Liar, Sending Coded Messages to White Supremacist, Disgusting, a Bigger Threat Than ISIS, Dangerous Demagogue, Asshole, Cartoon Villain, Fake, Cheat, Liar, Creep, Bullying, Bragging, Bullshitting, Blowhard, Ignorant, Emotionally Unstable, Vindictive, Anti-Reason, Moron, Nativist, Misogynist, Undignified, Insulting, Profane, Hypersensitive, Raving, Narcissistic Child, Drunk College Freshman Winging a Social Studies Presentation the Monday after Christmas Break, An Entitled Tantrum-Throwing Cretin…

In spite of this, Trump stood his ground and forced vital conversations into the public square.

2) Trump has made immigration the number one issue in the 2016 election: He has single-handedly defeated the bipartisan Open Borders consensus.

3) Trump broke the MSM silence on immigrant crime and made it the issue it always should have been.

4) Trump broke the silence about the growing Muslim immigration that our government is encouraging and made it the issue it always should have been.

5) Trump broke the bipartisan consensus on H1b visas and legal immigration: Even Ted Cruz supported importing hundreds of thousands of foreign workers before Trump announced his candidacy.

6) Trump single-handedly ended any bipartisan hope for legal status for the millions of illegal aliens in the country: Without Trump, the next president (Republican or Democrat) would have made a deal to grant legal status to the tens of millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. He made a point of specifically rejecting that idea and saw his support rise.

7) Trump single-handedly ended the bipartisan consensus on Anchor Babies: “When Trump first started talking about anchor babies, the entire media needed smelling salts…Now, everybody says ‘anchor baby.’” — Ann Coulter

8) Trump faced down and destroyed the bipartisan consensus on political correctness: Trump has hit-back hard against anyone in the Commanding Heights (Hollywood, Academia and Media) who has denigrated him. He’s won every battle and actually forced (trained?) many in the media to treat him with respect. Who in the entire Republican Party has ever done that?

9) Trump challenged the MSM’s belief that they could read a candidate out of the presidential race: Remember when the Huffington Post declared they would cover Trump’s campaign in their Entertainment section only? That ended quietly. (see #1 above)

10) Trump challenged the conservative media’s belief that they could read a candidate out of the GOP presidential nominating process: Here’s a list of some of the people and media entities that have melted down over Trump. Not opposed him…


Kevin Williamson, NR
Glenn Beck, The Blaze
The Federalist
National Review
An RNC official
Various GOP Congressional Aides
A Former Bush Speechwriter
Senator Rand Paul
A Former McCain Aide
Bill Kristol, WS
George Will, WP
Brett Stephens, WSJ (Twice!)

11) The media pundits, including conservatives on Fox News, have routinely underestimated Trump’s talent, intelligence, strategic thinking, negotiating skills, and accuracy: People who’ve read The Art of the Deal know exactly what he’s doing. He has defied conventional wisdom so many times in the last seven months that we’ve lost track of the running total. [UPDATE: Here’s a pretty good list.]

12) Trump has drawn (and will draw) more Democrats and minorities to his campaign than any GOP candidate in recent memory: Don’t believe us? Listen to the head of SEIU.

13) His Life, His Fortune and His Sacred Honor: Only Trump has incurred tangible, significant costs for standing up for conservative principles. Every GOP candidate for President in your lifetime has benefited financially from running, win or lose. The same is true for every candidate running this year, except one. Trump has lost hundreds of millions of dollars in business deals, permanently damaged his business relationships with liberals and marginalized himself with the MSM (if he loses)…

…In short, Trump has risked far more personally than any GOP candidate in modern history.

Without a doubt, Trump has a personality and approach to politics that is jarring to some. However, we don’t believe a more orthodox candidate could have achieved any of this.

In the face of everything we’ve outlined, for any conservative to complain about Trump at this point is to nitpick, to be your own worst enemy, and to prove that conservatives will never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

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