Trump Haters Roundup (Continuously Updated)

I Words/Phrases used to describe Trump in just the last week:

Sinister, Dumb, Bigot and Racist, Hateful, Disturbing, Operating at a Fourth-Grade Level, Hitler, like ISIS, Fascist, Xenophobic, Race Baiting, Religious Bigot, Un-American, Crazy, Delusional, Trying to F**k the Country, Scumbag, Divisive, Stupid, Wrong, Buffoon, Pathological Liar, Sending Coded Messages to White Supremacist, Disgustinga Bigger Threat Than ISIS, Dangerous Demagogue, Asshole, Cartoon Villain, Fake, Cheat, Liar, Creep, Bullying, Bragging, Bullshitting, Blowhard, Ignorant, Emotionally Unstable, Vindictive, Anti-Reason, Moron, Nativist, Misogynist, Undignified, Insulting, Profane, Hypersensitive, Raving, Narcissistic Child, Drunk College Freshman Winging a Social Studies Presentation the Monday after Christmas Break, An Entitled, Tantrum-throwing Cretin, Nazi, Sociopath, Anti-Christ, Crooked, Underhanded Con Artist, Reckless, Ignorant Dupe, Spoiled, Overgrown Brat, a Stuffed, Soiled Diaper Sagging in the Pants of American Politics, Slimy Swindler and FraudsterAmerican Mussolini, Beelzebub,

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