Election 2016: We’ve Laid It All Out

Month after month, we have explained the political landscape and predicted how the election would unfold…

In July, we told you immigration was the issue and Donald Trump’s candidacy represented a serious problem for the GOP:

“…the vacuum was filled when Trump expressed aggressive sentiments. He will continue to gain steam until one of the main candidates grabs the issue with both hands….Candidates who agree with the current condemnation of Trump’s sentiments are eliminating themselves from the race.” (July 5, 2015)

In August we told you the conservative pundits and GOP elites were misaligned with voters:

“Many GOP voters are no longer going to line up and support the weasel who gets nominated. And they’re getting tired of being lectured by people who will keep getting paid, whether or not we ever win on conservative issues…” (Aug. 9, 2015)

And in September, we explained why:

“The main question is, do you think the damage Obama has done to the body politic and the Constitution is reversible? If you do, then you tend to react to Trump the way most of the establishment does. If you don’t think it’s reversible, then Trump’s numbers make more sense…” (Sept. 15, 2015)

We also explained why Scott Walker’s campaign was unserious, and support for Trump’s campaign would grow:

“This race has always been about the base vs. the chamber on the issue of immigration…It will come down to them versus Trump.” (Sept. 21, 2015)

“…At this point, Trump is the only candidate who has a chance because he has captured the public mood on immigration, and he can assemble a coalition that cuts across traditional political demographics.” (Sept. 21, 2015)

In that same post we warned you that opposition to Trump would be hysterical (not in a funny way) and his road to the White House would be a very uphill climb:

“Trump must defeat both the libertarians, the Chamber of Commerce Republicans, and the conservatives who don’t see immigration as an existential threat. If he succeeds, some of the GOP opposition will line up, others will refuse…as he succeeds the Left will turn up the heat. The Main Stream Media, Hollywood and Academia will grow more shrill and apocalyptic.” (Sept. 21, 2015)

Four days later we wrote:

“Donald Trump has shown that you can weather the hurricane of abuse that liberals unleash from the Commanding Heights (the MSM, Hollywood and academia) and survive. Trump has moved the debate by staying strong.” (Sept. 25, 2015)

In October, we explained to you why the GOP leadership always:

Throughout the election, we have consistently explained what would happen next. Starting on Oct. 16, 2015, we told you:

–Why Bernie Sanders was never a serious challenge to Hillary;
–Why most of the GOP candidates were not running real races for the presidency;
–Why Ben Carson won’t win the nomination;
–Why Bush and Rubio won’t cooperate;
–Why Bush’s campaign is helping Donald Trump; and
–Why Ted Cruz is running the smartest campaign.

…and all of our updates since have been consistently correct:

Nov. 10, 2015: “Thoughts on the FBN Debate”
Nov. 12, 2015: “Election Update #2”
Nov. 24, 2015: “The Coming GOP Crack-up”
Dec. 2, 2015: “An Overview of the Political Landscape”

More often than not, you read it here first, then it appeared in major publications in the weeks and months that followed:

Finally, we have explained the mind of the Left, why they will never truly compromise with conservatives, and outlined the three elements that define the Liberal Elite today:

  1. The belief that xenophobia is a bigger problem than terrorism; nationalism is worse than open borders (Nov. 14, 2015);
  2. That they must work together, globally, in this fight (Nov. 20, 2015); and
  3. That control of the public debate is crucial to their victory (Dec. 5, 2015).

Stay with us to remain ahead of the curve. We’ll end this post with our prediction from Nov. 24, 2015 about how the Left will behave next year:

“Expect full-throated hysteria, ratcheting up as the election proceeds. They will start with the belief that Hillary can easily defeat Trump. However, as it becomes increasingly clear that she might be defeated, their fear and loathing will rise.

Cue the incredulity, the spitting rage, the apocalyptic predictions, the copious amounts of judgement and avalanches of shame poured upon the unwashed masses for supporting this beast.”

Our investment advice for 2106:

BUY: Popcorn, Fainting Couches, Hitler Analogies;
SELL: Suntan Lotion, Hollywood Movies with a Liberal Message, and Affirmative Action.

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