An Overview of the Political Landscape

To understand the coming election year, and the high level of turmoil that will ensue, we’d like to provide an overview of how we got here:


President Barack Obama is the short-term catalyst for problems that will ensue in 2016. He is the most radical president in American history and has accelerated the leftward trajectory of the Democrat Party which now openly embraces Socialism, climate surrealism, anti-white tribalism, nihilism and pacifism.

This trend, expanded with vigor and determination under Obama, has caused a counterreaction in the Republican Party and nearly eliminated the political space for anything in-between. If the Dems are determined to fundamentally transform the United States, then any counterforce must become as radical and determined in opposition.

The left-leaning Main Stream Media (MSM) label the GOP as the White Party. That’s simply a result of the Democrats purposefully encouraging ethnic minorities to war against European culture and the long established values of Western Civilization. This electoral strategy drives middle and low income white voters out of the Democrat party, resulting in Republican Party registration that is now over 70% white.


Two other elements are fueling the 2016 political flames. The first is the complete disconnect between the GOP leadership and their base. Voters expected Congressional Republicans to use their new power in Washington to confront the radical agenda of the President of the United States. Instead the GOP has spent the last year prioritizing the agenda of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Amnesty, Trade, the Import/Export Bank, Criminal Sentencing Reform, etc. None of these items ranked high in the minds of voters last November and yet they get the highest priority from Congress.

The second element is immigration, both legal and illegal. Americans are now in full revolt against the bipartisan open borders policy of the last few decades. While this policy serves the political interests of the Democrat Party, it is electoral suicide for the GOP. Yet, because it is desirable to corporate America, Republican leadership has refused to identify and address the threat.

These two deliberate decisions by the leaders of the Republican Party have left them completely alienated from their own voters and unable to influence the GOP presidential nominating process in any way. The vast majority of the GOP campaigns for president never got off the ground because of their association with GOP leadership and their refusal to completely abandon an open borders policy.

Add to this a MSM that has entirely lost the ability to shape and direct the national narrative. Conservative media outlets such as Fox News, Breitbart, Drudge, and many more can now fact-check and neutralize false claims, demonizations and exaggerations by the MSM before the cement of conventional wisdom can set.

With voters this polarized–and a president determined to pour political kerosene on the flames at every opportunity–the only possible outcome in 2016 is a turbulent election. The invective will be sky-high. Both party conventions will experience massive outside protests with a real potential for violence.

Worst of all, the election will decide nothing. Instead, the country will be left further divided and enraged no matter which side assumes the White House. The two sides are too far apart for any election to bridge. Moderation is only possible if Democrats are willing to truly compromise.

After 100 years of Progressivism, it is clear that the American Left is unyielding, negotiating only on the issues of timeline and tactics. The only thing that has changed in the last decade is that the American Right is now fully engaged in opposition.

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