The GOP Dream Team: A Cabinet for 2017

Our Dream GOP Administration is based on the cabinet Abraham Lincoln assembled in 1861. Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book Team of Rivals (which we highly recommend) details how Lincoln had enough self confidence to surround himself with some of the Party’s most talented people–both politically and ideologically. In creating our team, we’ve chosen people who have a demonstrated history of good work on the issue they will supervise and also considered their raw political talents.

Our choices are also designed, in come cases, to neutralize potential backstabbing. Keep in mind that people who receive cabinet posts accept knowing they are expected to support the Commander-in-Chief. So bringing a talented politician onboard allows us to co-opt their skills on the issue where we agree with them, while silencing potential criticism from them on other issues.

Our picks would create open senate seats in five Red States where we’re confident voters will return another GOP member. We’ve also chosen six governors in their second terms and one senator if he’s defeated in his tough reelection. Although there are only three women and six minorities on the 18 member team, they occupy three of the seven most important positions.

This Team of Rivals would “fundamentally transform” America…in the right way.

President of the United States: Donald Trump. Our case for this New Yorker can be read here.

Vice President of the United States: Ben Carson. Our case for this Floridian can be read in the same place here.

Secretary of State: Carly Fiorina. This cabinet position publicly articulates American values to foreign audiences and privately negotiates with foreign leaders. Californian Fiorina is a tough and talented communicator. She would also bring her corporate skills to a much needed reorganization of the State Department that should include replacing most senior employees.

Secretary of Defense: Tom Cotton. Currently the junior senator from Arkansas, Cotton is also a lawyer. More importantly, he volunteered (with a law degree) as an enlisted man in the Army, choosing to work his way up to officer. He led a platoon in Iraq, served in Afghanistan, won the Bronze Star and spent two years burying the dead at Arlington. Cotton would likely become one of the most popular Secretaries of Defense in U.S. history.

National Security Adviser: David Petraeus. The decorated general, former CIA Director and New Hampshire resident proved the most capable commander in Iraq and a genius in dealing with counterinsurgencies. He’s highly decorated, respected within the military, and a Princeton graduate. We believe his misdemeanor conviction over classified materials was mostly political and we give it no weight. The Commander-in-Chief needs talented advisers. A President Trump would be well-served by having the team of Carson, Petraeus, Fiorina and Cotton in his Situation Room during a crisis.

United State Attorney General: Ted Cruz. One of the best conservative lawyers in the country and a man with the integrity to lead a corruption-free Department of Justice. Cruz, a Texan, would reign in the Civil Rights Division which has become a political tool. As a Hispanic, it will be easier for him to put the blindfold back over Lady Justice’s eyes. Cruz would also need to lead the investigation, arrest and conviction of a few members of the previous administration, and he is the person who would vet and recommend U.S. Supreme Court appointees. Ideally he’d end his tenure by being appointed himself (and then be replaced by New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez).

Secretary of the Treasury: Rand Paul. The Kentucky doctor is at his best on issues of budget, debt and reforming the Federal Reserve. Paul could lead the effort to make the Fed more transparent, repeal Dodd-Frank, restore a sane monetary policy, and fight for debt reduction. Paul has no ties to Wall Street and has never worked for Goldman Sachs–which in this position is an important plus.

Secretary of Homeland Security: Jeff Sessions. The Alabama senator knows exactly how to implement Trump’s promises to secure the border, deport illegals and reduce legal immigration. Afterall, he’s been the leader on this vital issue and has proven immovable in the face of political hysteria. ICE agents would welcome his tenure.

Secretary of Commerce: Marco Rubio. The most important task for this cabinet member will be the 2020 federal census. As a Hispanic, Rubio can eliminate the racial game-playing that has been creeping into this vital decennial responsibility. While using this post to further solidify his Establishment connections, maybe this Floridian could find a way to cut this department in half.

Secretary of the Interior: Sarah Palin. No one would fight harder against radical environmentalism and for the rural Americans who are abused by this department. The former Alaska governor has a long history of fighting on the key issues of creating more natural resource jobs, ending the abuse of the Endangered Species Act, encouraging domestic energy independence, ending federal land grabs, and improving the conditions of our national forests and parks.

Secretary of Education: Bobby Jindal. Louisiana is a leader in education reform. Jindal has advocated for increased parental choice, against Common Core (which will lead to increased federal control), and for ending teacher tenure. As the child of Indian immigrants, Jindal can more effectively advocate for the right of racial minorities to break free of broken public school systems.

Secretary of Health & Human Services: Rick Scott. The two-term Florida governor was a Healthcare executive before he ran for office and knows more about the industry than anyone else we could recommend. He and Carson would make an excellent team working to repeal Obamacare and replacing it with a private-sector system that reflects American values of self-determination and personal responsibility.

Secretary of Labor: Scott Walker. This appointment speaks for itself. No one has done more to challenge and defeat the public-sector unions than the two-term governor of Wisconsin. Walker will bring back the union financial transparency requirements that the current administration jettisoned and reign in the National Labor Relations Board.

Secretary of Agriculture: Pat Toomey. The best thing for the GOP is not to appoint a person from the Corn or Sugar Belts. An honest plan to reduce the size and scope of government must include an end to ethanol subsidies and the Renewable Fuel Standard–both of which are major corporate welfare programs. Otherwise, the GOP will be rightfully branded hypocrites by the media. The senator from Pennsylvania is the former Director of the Club for Growth and may not win his reelection in 2016. He has the leadership skills to reduce the size and scope of this department. If Toomey should win his race, we recommend Joni Ernst who won in Iowa after bravely opposing the last Farm Bill.

Secretary of Transportation: Chris Christie. Too much federal gas tax money is siphoned off these days to pay for non-highway projects such as trains, bicycle lanes and central planning grants. The New Jersey Governor and former prosecutor has a knack for taking on tough fights. Tell him to identify wasteful boondoggles (such as high-speed rail) and advocate for putting states back in-charge of transportation spending–then set him loose. It will be fun to watch him.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Nikki Haley. She has been an outstanding governor in South Carolina. Her husband is an officer in the National Guard and served in Afghanistan. Reforming the VA will be a tough job and require a thick political skin. Haley has proven capable in both respects.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Rick Snyder. We can’t think of anyone better qualified to cut the budget at HUD and focus attention on reality-based urban renewal than the Michigan governor who has tackled Detroit’s bankruptcy and financial reorganization. We also expect him to talk openly about liberal re-gentrification efforts designed to remove minorities to the suburbs and increase urban property values; a poverty relocation plan that only benefits developers.

Secretary of Energy: Rick Santorum. The most important role for this cabinet member is to tell the truth about climate change alarmism and give no succor to the Leftist Ideology behind the hysteria. This movement is killing people in the Third World, raising energy prices on working Americans, and corrupting science. The former Pennsylvania senator is an excellent communicator and a solid conservative who will fight for domestic energy independence and the increase in nuclear energy that achieving that goal will require.

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