Paris Massacre a Wake Up Call? Color Us Skeptical (UPDATE 14)

Many pundits are saying that the recent butchery in Paris will fundamentally change the French. We guess you might be led to believe that by the statement of the French Socialist President Francois Hollande last night, where he claimed France would be “merciless” in dealing with the terrorists.

Somehow we doubt it–at least over the long-haul.

Even though it was reported that Hollande viewed the carnage at the Bataclan Theater personally, we still don’t believe the French, or the Europeans will change their anti-nationalist, multicultural attitudes. This is their religion.

The elites in Europe and the United States are united in their belief that xenophobia is a bigger problem than terrorism; that nationalism is worse than open borders.

Americans lost 3,000 people on 9/11, but the majority’s resolve to fight the terrorists didn’t last more than five years. Even if the French consider last night’s carnage to be their 9/11, what evidence is there that their resolve will last any longer?

Pay attention over the next 90 days. The western elite, pacifist, national self-loathing will begin to reassert itself. Marie Le Pen’s National Front may see increased support in the coming French elections, but that will only harden elite resolve inside and outside of her country.

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