Election Update #3: The Coming Establishment GOP Crack Up

We continue to believe that Clinton will be the 2016 DEM nominee and there will be no criminal charges.

We also told you from the outset (here and here) that only four GOP candidates were serious contenders for the nomination: Trump, Carson, Rubio and Cruz.

As of today, the GOP race is down to three: Trump, Cruz and Rubio (although we allow for a 25% chance that Christie eclipses Rubio as the Establishment candidate).

Donald Trump‘s confirmation as the GOP nominee in 2016 is beginning to look very likely.

The Establishment GOP has stayed firmly in the first two stages of grief (Denial and Anger) and will probably rush through the last three stages (Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance) near the very end. Look for more of the Anger phase in the next two months.

Ted Cruz is rising in the polls but we can’t see the Establishment ever truly backing him for the nomination. If they did, they might actually have a chance of defeating Trump. But it’s just not likely given their level of denial of reality and disdain for Cruz. So we believe Cruz is well positioned to become Trump’s VP, something Trump seems to be considering.

The main problem for the Establishment is that they are too spread out amongst multiple candidates and the one with the most money (Jeb Bush) will never get out in time to allow for a united front against Trump.

So, prepare for Phase Two in the Trump ascendency starting now.

Phase One: This was the period when Trump was dismissed by the GOP and attacked half-heartedly by the preening Liberal Commanding Heights (the Main Stream Media, Hollywood and Academia)– neither side believing he could be the nominee.

Phase Two: During this period, everyone will begin to believe that Trump can win the nomination and the GOP Establishment will begin to split into those who can make peace with Trump and those who will declare themselves off the team. The latter will act as useful idiots to the LCH throughout the 2016 election.

The LCH meanwhile will begin to increase the level of their hysteria which can already be seen with celebrities and Democrat politicians pre-blaming Trump for every act of violence that ensues in 2016 (here and here). Expect A LOT more.

Phase Three: This phase begins after Trump has secured the nomination and the GOP has restored order in the ranks.

The LCH will continue it’s march through their own five stages of grief spending most of their time in the Anger phase as well.

Expect full-throated hysteria, ratcheting up as the election proceeds. They will start with the belief that Hillary can easily defeat Trump. However, as it becomes increasingly clear that she might be defeated, their fear and loathing will rise.

Cue the incredulity, the spitting rage, the apocalyptic predictions, the copious amounts of judgement and avalanches of shame poured upon the unwashed masses for supporting this beast.

Stock up on the popcorn.

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