BLM & Campus Unrest is Bad for Democrats (UPDATED)

As Democrats sleep walk into the 2016 election they appear to be missing all the tell-tale signs that a loss is imminent for them.

  • DEMS seem pleased that Hillary Clinton is being coronated and that they are not conducting a Primary process. In fact, this is a sign of tremendous weakness and they are on their way to nominating an extremely deficient candidate.
  • Obama continues to act in an imperious manner and is making decisions that are entirely focused on his own legacy, even though each decision increases energy on the Right and damages Democrat chances of a third presidential term. His tone-deaf decisions also hurt all the Democrats down ballot; the chances of Democrats retaking the Senate shrinks with each move Obama makes.
  • The Black Lives Matter movement, the increasing crime rate, Obama’s decision to release criminals early, and Democrat calls for gun control are combining to drive white voters out of the FDR coalition. These issues do not get Democrats elected. When rising crime rates are an election issue, Democrats lose. When gun control is an issue, Democrats lose.
  • Campus unrest is a terrible issue for Democrats as well. Images of college students and faculty acting like mobs and pushing anti-intellectual agendas–all on the taxpayer dime–doesn’t sit well with voters in the best of times. During a recession, it’s political poison.
  • Obama’s inability to project American strength anywhere in the world has created the exact effect he was trying to avoid; he has raised foreign policy’s importance as an issue in the next election. This is also not a issue that generally helps Democrats win elections.
  • Happy talk aside, Democrats know the economy is a huge political drag for their nominee. Real unemployment and under-employment are way too high for them to win a third term.

We would argue that any of the top tier GOP candidates could win the White House under these conditions which are only likely to get worse over the next 12 months.

The tilting political landscape gives the GOP an opportunity to nominate and win with a more conservative candidate than they have in the past few elections; something that is actually happening in spite of the best efforts of the Establishment/Chamber GOP.

It is the immigration issue alone (and the Establishment’s stubborn refusal to move Right on the issue) that has doomed their programed outcome during the GOP Primary process. If they end up with a Populist candidate (Trump) as the standard bearer, it will be entirely their own fault.

We believe that many prominent Democrats understand the trainwreck that is coming in 2016. However, they will say nothing to hurt the cause until after the election. After their defeat, the circular firing squad will go into overdrive as the reality of Obama laying waste to the Party over the last eight years can no longer be denied.

UPDATE: On Nov. 21, Powerline agreed.

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