The GOP Establishment and the Five Stages of Grief

Current Stage: Denial, ANGER, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance

Remember when the GOP Establishment whined about Donald Trump threatening not to unite behind the eventual nominee?

At the time, they assumed he would never win and they didn’t want him to do anything (including running as an independent candidate) that would hurt their chances of taking the White House.

Ninety days later and Trump looks like HE might be the nominee…and their tone has changed. Now THEY are threatening not to support the GOP nominee…if it’s Trump.

John Kasich’s recent rant perfectly encapsulates the id of the Establishment/Chamber GOP.

Meanwhile, GOP Hispanic Leaders are threatening to withhold support from Trump if he is the nominee.

First of all, they don’t get to speak for all Hispanics. That’s what Democrats do. Republicans don’t. We don’t believe that Americans of any race are required to think a certain way and we don’t believe in racial litmus tests.

If these “Hispanic Leaders” believe in any form of race balkanization then they don’t belong in the GOP and their tactics should be rejected by the Party. The GOP won’t succeed by out-race pandering the Democrats.

There is no road to victory for Trump and/or Carson that doesn’t involve a severe temper tantrum by the GOP Establishment…followed by intense therapy.

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