The Conservatism Industry gets paid, even when we lose

Jonah Goldberg is just one of many Conservative pundits we usually enjoy who have taken on Trump. But, like many columnists who make a good living in the “Conservatism Industry” he fails to see what’s driving “Trumpism.”

People support Trump specifically because he is messing up the Primary process. Conservative insiders seem to think everyone is united around the idea of defeating Hillary. Lots of GOP voters no longer have that as their number one priority. Breaking the GOP elites on the issue of immigration and bringing both legal and illegal immigration to a trickle…that’s their goal.

As long as the GOP refuses to adopt a hardcore stand on immigration and FIGHT for it, many Republican voters simply don’t care if Hillary wins. They don’t trust most of the candidates who are running. They strongly suspect the other candidates will talk tough now and weasel out once in office. They’re right.

You can criticize Trump all you want. Hell, we’ll even agree with you most of the time. But this isn’t about beating Hillary. Many GOP voters are no longer going to line up and support the weasel who gets nominated. And they’re getting tired of being lectured by people who will keep getting paid, whether or not we ever win on conservative issues.

The “Trump problem” is entirely the fault of the GOP. If he costs them the election, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves

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